MBS review Chief under fire

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The recent loose comments by Prof Bruce Robinson, that included an off joke about “being careful about bending over in Bondi”, betray an unprofessional approach that seems to underly aspects of the rushed review and should lead to his removal according to the ASA Council. As spokesman for Anaesthetists on the AMA Federal Council and backed by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists I have pointed that out in AusDoc (May 27 2019).

The AMA Federal Council passed a motion that I proposed which included that :

The comments were “unjust assertions of opinion that appear to describe a philosophy inconsistent with the stated aims and purpose of the review”

“There are widespread concerns in the profession that the review is being rushed to a conclusion without regard to consequences or proper modelling,” it said.

“These opinions and philosophy, rather than rigorous data, are being influential in the outcomes and Medicare rebates for patients are in many instances under unjust attack as a result.”

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