Elections are good for the AMA WA

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I welcome an election in 2019 for the Presidential role. This gets members engaged and maybe has even made some non members decide to join to make their views known.

It has also sharpened my focus as I consider the many questions from members about my vision and priorities.

I offer to return as President because

– we need a strong AMA.
– the big risk of the imminent CEO transition should be managed by a successful President who can mentor the new CEO this year. It takes years of Board experience to learn the complex job of President (there are five Boards to Chair at the AMAWA, handling 100 staff and tens of millions of $) and in 2019 there will be no long term CEO to learn from.
– I have a track record of delivering for the profession and this year critically sees the new Public Hospital Award being finalised and the MBS Review coming home to roost.
– I believe in a diverse, modern, effective AMA fighting for improvements to ALL members pay and conditions.

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