Pharmacy – why not just let them prescribe & GPs dispense drugs?

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I was planning to write a background piece to lay out some views on this given recent media coverage of proposed changes to law in WA.

But then I found that Doug Hendrie at newsGP of the RACGP had already done a great job of it!

I will thus leave you to read his excellent article and I will then put some WA specific thoughts together soon. To make it clear and as I say in each interview – I have no problem with employee pharmacists who are doing their jobs professionally every day nor with greater collaboration. We need GPs and pharmacists to work together.

Meantime – here is What’s the Reason Behind the Recent Tensions Between Pharmacy & GP?

By the way the AMA does mot support doctors dispensing where pharmacists are available due to the financial conflict involved and because pharmacists are the experts. GPs like working with pharmacists cooperatively.

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