The lack of a clear roadmap from any level of govt, & inconsistent, illogical & constantly shifting advice requires that we slow #covid down using tighter social controls. Singapore can only keep school open becos it has a full suite of them.

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Yesterday, senior doctors on the frontline and the AMA called for restrictions on interstate travel. Today the Premier agreed for the first time that interstate travel should be curtailed. The Health Minister said that travel to Broome should also be looked it, but this was later withdrawn, though it does seem sensible given how underprepared the regions are – even worse on the frontline than Metro Perth.

We don’t want schools to close, just remove the students and teachers that can be removed without hardship

We don’t want state borders closed – just controlled so sick people don’t come in. Check their temps at least – like they do in Singapore.

We also encourage the public to use their empathy, compassion and care for the others who also feel the need to provision for a while. Let’s be kind.

Watch today’s news conference HERE.

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