Doctors : stir this wisdom from the front line into your coffee & prepare for a reset. Today we need you to pay attention closely as we get much better organised. First, the comms.

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A comment on my blog about the culture clash in this Australian pandemic response from Dr Aileen Traves, GP.

She says:

“Thank you so much for simply and eloquently explaining the current concerns. As a GP I am used to receiving excellent communication from our public health unit.

It is timely and honest, and in return we are their eyes and ears on the ground, included as a remote part of the team.

Once this pandemic management switched to a centralised command centre model our avenues of information dried up, at a time when we desperately needed more information not less.

When I have asked for more information and to be included in discussions I have been harshly silenced and told to do as I am told and trust someone else has it in hand. As GPs we don’t suddenly stop caring and contributing to our communities in an emergency. They turn to us for information. We want to help communicate the facts and the plans, but for us to do this we need to be included in the communication.

I have certainty been guilty in these frustrating times of being disrespectful of our leaders. I recognise they have a difficult role, and I do not envy them that in the current time. I will attempt to practice the kindness and compassion for them that I ask others to show to us as we face this together.”

Tell me that Aileen is not one of the “best medical minds” in the country, and as such it is obvious what we must do on comms.

Stay tuned, as today online we start to reset the response to introduce something we all miss so much : excellent communications

Wherever you are on Oz, whatever you do, if you’re not on Facebook & Whatsapp yet, get to that App Store.


  1. Andrew, you’re a leader we are very proud of. On behalf of the Australian Healthcare Reform Association (AHReform), we want to say thank you. We support your mission. Let the medical expert lead the current health crisis, not the politicians or social commentators with no medical expertise.

  2. Hi. I think we need to unite in a structured way. Prob need to be underground at this stage as not all doctors believe. Are you interested? Sophie

  3. I’m very proud to be associated with such a capable leader, keep up the great work Andrew! Thank you for helping the profession take back control and bring back common sense, we support you whole heartedly and are grateful for your astute guidance in what is a sea of misinformation and confusion.

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