PPE is just like a condom. If it doesn’t fit, everyone is worse off. All states MUST be fit testing N95 masks NOW while we have time. (Guess who standard masks typically DON’T fit? Yep, women & minorities). Listen to this ABC AM report…

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A great piece from ABC Radio National today, featuring Tasmanian AMA President Dr John Burgess, who has been at the forefront of protecting Australians from COVID.

Up to half of staff fail fit testing, leaving them unprotected.

Some states do not want to use masks to test or spend resources on it.

However it can be done quickly, in a few minutes, and it can be done “just in time” so the mask goes on to be used if it fits.

This is the Australian National Standard, let’s save lives and prevent pointless loss of staff time.

Listen to ABC Radio National AM Program Story here.

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