OzSAGE release urgent omicron advice in response to deteriorating covid management in Australia

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“A fatalistic approach will be fatal for some people”


Further info at the OzSAGE website.

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  1. Brilliant paper. You absolutely rock. It’s terrifying knowing how little of this is happening or is likely to happen but please never stop your amazing work. Every suggestion is vitally important & you spell it out clearly that even the buffoons in Govt can follow along. My sister in Sydney has MS, after infusions she’s immunosuppressed for 2 wks. She’s fully mobile 49 yo & would probably live to 80. She might not even make Easter now. So many more vulnerable people like her & way worse. As a father of 2 Long Covid terrifies me. As a HCW (Ret) I am furious & heartbroken. It’s not Public Health, it’s not fair & this is not the country I thought I lived in. So many lives are at stake. You have my ultimate respect & lifelong admiration.

    Thanking you,

    Duncan Merrell.

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