Accreditation compliance nonsense

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The AMA National Conference today considered the burden placed on doctors who must provide evidence of AHPRA Registration, Medical Indemnity, hand washing, aseptic technique and so on to multiple hospitals. No single institution has any regard to our overall burden.

There are examples, especially for doctors moving between public hospitals, of useless duplication of mandatory modules.

The principles should be
– no duplication of provision of documents
– secure system to avoid data loss
– no duplication of mandatory modules
– any mandatory training to be evidence based and shown to be cost effective – the AMA should get clinicians to make the call on this.

Anaesthetists and emergency physicians who teach Advanced Life Support should not be having to get a Basic Life Support certificate ever again.

Every time a doctor wastes time on senseless duplication or useless mandatory training for accreditation a patient loses out because of lost productivity.

AMA voted for a scope of clinical practice library today – a way forward perhaps but no answer yet.

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