MILLER for AMAWA President 2019 to keep AMA Strong.

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Experienced. Qualified. Ready to Lead now.

Nominated by Drs Khorshid and Gannon.

In 2017 I couldn’t do a second year as AMAWA President due to illness in my family. We are so grateful for all the support we received from the AMA community and for the skills of WA physicians.

Now that things are better on the home front I am back to finish the work I started then to ensure that the AMA WA fights primarily for better pay, conditions and status for ALL members.

Yes to diversity – of gender, culture, thought, background, specialty, location of practice – we must represent our members fairly and evenly.

Nominated by Omar Khorshid, retiring current President.
Seconded by Michael Gannon, Immediate Past President Federal AMA.

For GPs and other specialists : indexation restored and the MBS Review needs to behave itself stop pharmacy prescribing and other pretenders from cherry picking your consults.

For Hospital doctors Junior and Senior : facing a new award, wage theft, training crisis – I have Roger Cook and the DG’s numbers in my phone and they know I will play hard ball.

For All Doctors in Training : fighting the culture wars in training has never been harder and we need a strong AMA to deliver on our promise to force the health department and the Colleges to deal fairly and protect doctors. No more medical schools.

For the Community : a continued focus on public health keeps the AMA in the media spotlight – a sensible scientific view on all health related topics.

For Strategy : Paul Boyatzis our CEO is leaving soon after 30 years. He has made our AMA the envy of the rest of the country. The new CEO will need a President who has worked with Paul and can deliver mentoring and proven firepower right now in 2019.
We need stability, a safe pair of hands through the transition and a vision for the future which builds on the achievements of Paul and makes us modern and unassailable as a political force for doctors.

For Experience : Now is not the time for a junior team – especially as President. We need new ideas and young doctors in leadership, bring them on, but we also need wisdom and battle scars at the top to Chair this AMA. We have 100+ employees and tens of millions in turnover through multiple corporate entities which the President will Chair.
I have a law degree and am a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors but still it took me four years as Vice President of AMA WA to be across the role in sufficient detail to step into the Presidency.

Qualified, experienced, proven Political, Business, and Media savvy.

Check my Bio Summary for relevant experience, including all the AMA roles where I have learnt the ropes for the benefit of members.

I post to Twitter and you are very welcome to join my network on Linkedin.

Please look out in June for the voting email from AMA WA, it will be all online this year.

Follow me below for updates and for a reminder when the voting starts.

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