How to make a cruise ship #Covid19 problem worse by sending them to unprepared private hospitals where HCW will get sick & spread the disease. It is madness.

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My initial response from yesterday, Sat 28th March to cruise ships patients bringing #covid19 into Perth PRIVATE hospitals.

On first hearing of this I thought it was dumb but comments in yesterday’s video are guarded, being cautious until I was fully briefed.The only thing worse than these patients coming to Perth (and we care for them as humans & will help them of course) is that they are being sent to unprepared hospitals and staff.

This is a purely political decision & it is clear that it has been made with NO regard for the unnecessary danger to patients and staff.

Illness and deaths of patients and healthcare workers that result from this madness will be the full responsibility of those who made this decision.

No criticism of the any hospitals but they are clearly not equipped and ready for covid whereas the Public hospitals are relatively empty and behind in prep but WAY ahead of Hollywood and the Mount.

Private hospitals that were going to be used for clean urgent work are now to be contaminated. More to follow in press today.

Watch the short Press Conference here on WAMN news.

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