Spare a thought for Supermarket workers. “Our lives matter too”.

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My heart goes out to all workers. Please look after them when you are probably the only business without viability worries

Hey Dr Miller let me just say I have total respect for what your doing for your medical community! I know you must be very busy at the moment . I’m a worker at SUPERMARKET. I’m very concerned about how SUPERMARKET is handling this situation I feel they aren’t taking this seriously…we are sitting ducks ,I know we have to stay open during this crisis, but I feel we need much more protection, I think that we should be staggering how many people are coming into the store at one time.

They don’t want to put in protective shields on the checkouts along with many other things that may protect us ,my list goes on ,

As for myself I have lung disease. I am in my fifties & look after my dad in his 80s. I’m so scared ,they keep trying to make me feel bad about trying to take time off .

I know this isn’t your fight but if you could please try and mention this in one of your speeches that would be great . I don’t expect a reply. Keep fighting your good fight I know we are not as important as the medical field at this time but our lives matters too.

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  1. Hi Andrew, not sure how else to contact you but hope this message gets through. It’s come to my attention that FESA has a number of expired PPE suits available that could be redirected to front line workers with the aid of the AMA and a health department directive. Please feel free to contact me to discuss.

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